An Easy & Natural Way to Get Rid of Kitchen Smells

An Easy & Natural Way to Get Rid of Kitchen Smells

This morning we woke up to a strong fish & garlic scent in the kitchen – the result of yesterday’s mini fridge-purge.

I took out the compost (the easiest way to get rid of a smell is to actually get rid of what smells, right?) but the stink remained.

What to do?

Grind up some lemon peels!

  1. Chop lemon peels into smaller pieces. (You can also use a whole lemon or other citrus fruit/peels. I just happened to have these leftover from making dinner).
  2. Run the lemon peels through your garbage disposal.

The result? A happy, natural lemon scented kitchen!

This is also a great way to clean out icky smells from your garbage disposal.

It smells so good that I love to do this even when the kitchen doesn’t stink. I had a lot of leftover lemon peels today so I’m going to freeze some to use in the future.

Another great use for lemon peels? Bait for your fruit fly trap! See here for how to trap those nasty bugs.

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