My New Mantra: Just Finish One

Feb 8/12 H is for Hanging up the laundry

This happens to me too often:

It’s finally quiet. Javi’s napping and I finally have some time to get things done around the house.

I start putting away the dishes when I notice the wine glasses that I wanted to donate to Goodwill.

Suddenly I’m inspired to gather up all the donation items. I grab a box and start filling it with the wine glasses, leaving the rest of the clean dishes in the dishwasher.

As I’m filling the box, I think of other things I wanted to donate. There must be something in my closet, right? I head to my closet. I’m greeted by a mangled mess of hangers and clothes. I’ll just take a moment and straighten things up…

Soon the bed is covered with the contents of our closet. I’m sorting sweaters and button-downs when I hear Javi.

I look at the clock. Yep, nap time is over.

Sound familiar? 

I get started on one thing, but soon I’m distracted by something else that seems more appealing or urgent. Even as I write this, I’m looking at the half-folded load of laundry, a growing stack of half-opened mail, things in the hallway that need to go to the storage room.

All of these uncompleted tasks just add to my mental to-do list. Instead of crossing things off and making progress, I feel like I’m constantly busy and yet falling further behind.

My challenge to myself the last few days has been this:

Just. Finish. One.

Take one task from start to completion.

I sometimes have to say it aloud. JustFinishOne. JustFinishOne. JustFINISHone!

It feels silly.

But it works.

The upside is that one completed task builds momentum that often leads to another. And if it doesn’t? I’ve finished one. It’s done. It won’t come back to haunt me at the end of the day.

And with that, I’m off to go finish putting away the laundry.

What’s your “ONE” to finish today? 

photo by Judith Doyle

2 thoughts on “My New Mantra: Just Finish One

  1. I’ve never had as much house work as I have as a stay at home. I read once to have a box for goodwill and a fix it box, throw things in it as you go through your week. When the box is full throw it in the car, when you have some down time, fix/sew what you can. It has worked for me.

    • Love it!! Oh how I can relate!! My fort thing that I would like to finish today is also putting all my laundry away!! XO

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