No Spend Month: Week #3

Managing the Everyday: No Spend Month / Week #3

Week #3 went by very quickly and felt surprisingly easy. 

I went grocery shopping, made some good food and we ate it.

Pretty normal stuff.


This month has been all about redefining what that means.

Before No Spend Month, we had an almost weekly habit of stopping at our favorite Cupcake Royale for cupcakes & lattes. 

Managing the Everyday: No Spend Month, Week #3

It didn’t start out that way. At first, we started going there for our monthly Money Meetings (what Juan and I call going over our budget, etc.). We split a cupcake and each had a coffee. 

At some point, we decided to get 2 cupcakes so we could try a different flavor, but still have one of our favorites too in case the new flavor was a dud. (Because that would be disappointing). 

Managing the Everyday: No Spend Month, Week #3

After Javi was born, it was one of the few places we felt comfortable going to late at night with our giant stroller & tiny baby. 

Getting out of the house is super important for new Mamás. (So is chocolate cake & cream cheese frosting.) Our visits became more frequent. 

Now, we were sometimes stopping there on our way home from the grocery store and getting cupcakes to go.

Our special once a month treat was now a regular impulse buy. 

2 Cupcakes + 2 Lattes vs Javi’s College Fund

Managing the Everyday- No Spend Month, Week #3

So what was this normal cupcake & latte habit costing us? Almost $1000 per year. 

It’s a lot, but if you really want to put it into perspective consider this:

Imagine we took that same $1,000 per year and put it in a college fund for Javi. And assume that we did that same thing every year for 18 years.  With a 6% return, that would be $32,760 by the time he went to college. 

$32,760!  (And $14,760 of that is interest aka FREE money.) 

We know that college is going to cost a LOT more than that, but it’s not a bad start. 

This Week’s Numbers

Managing the Everyday: No Spend Month Week #3 Late night walks to get pizza from Zaw are sooo fun!

Now that I’ve said all that, I will say that this week we did go to Cupcake Royale.

We split a cupcake and had an Americano and a drip coffee. We spent half of what we usually spend and for the first time in a long time, actually cringed a little bit at spending $10 on sugary goodness & caffeine. (That was an oddly good feeling…Our “normal” is adjusting!)

This week we spent $221.56. It was the most we’ve spent yet, but we did purchase several things that are not going to be regular expenses. 

$93.19 on Groceries (food, cleaning products & personal care)
$41.18 on Dining Out (Cupcake Royale, Zaw Pizza & Woods Coffee)
$26.25 on SitterCity (to find a babysitter for Javi)
$22.78 on a New Headlight Bulb
$22.33 on Paint (to finish painting the hallway)
$10.00 on a Book (for a class we are taking)
$3.00 on Parking
$2.83 on Baby Bottle Nipples (Javi needed a bigger size)

We have $234.68 left!

Does Your “Normal” Need an Adjustment?

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