Someday = Never

Managing the Everyday

I’m a organization & simplification junkie.

I’ve lost count of how many books & blogs I’ve read that promised to teach me how to streamline my life and manage everyday life.

Whether that meant outsourcing my tasks (hiring a cleaning service, having groceries delivered, etc.) or reorganizing our kitchen like an efficient restaurant kitchen, I’ve been all in. Some things have worked great, others were interesting experiments that didn’t last. 

But you know what piece of advice has been one of the most liberating of all? The thing that has brought me the most joy, helped keep my drawers well organized and even helped me get ready faster in the morning? 

The simple realization that…


This is a key thing that I’ve been reminded of while reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (KonMari). 

With that in mind, I’ve been releasing myself from all sorts of future obligations:

  • Half-finished craft projects (like the finger puppets in the first photo)? Re-homed through our Buy Nothing group
  • Super-specific ingredients for a complex recipe I’ve never tried? Left for neighbors on our building’s “Free Table” or tossed in the compost. 
  • Shoes that I might wear someday if I can finally get the right outfit? Given to my sister.
  • Books that I started years ago, but never finished? Taken to the used bookstore. 
  • The Pasta Maker I used twice in three years? Sold. 

So many things that I never have to worry about again.

No more questions of if/when I will use them or where to store them. 

No more piles of clothes left on the bed after trying on my entire closet and deciding (once again) that these items just don’t work for me. 

No more guilt or feeling like a failure when I look at my half-finished projects. 

Do I miss any of the things I’ve gotten rid of? No. Not once. 

Instead I’m surrounded by the things I love & use. 

I am free. 

What “Someday” things are you holding on to?


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The Buy Nothing Project

Original photo Design by Zouny

A few months ago I learned about the Buy Nothing Project (BNP).

The Buy Nothing Project is all about connecting neighbors and building community through giving and receiving. 

Members post things that they have to give, share or lend and ask for things that they need. No buying, selling, bartering, trading or asking for cash are allowed.

After I first joined the group for our neighborhood on Facebook, I didn’t pay much attention to the group. Posts would show up in my newsfeed, but I just scrolled past them. 

Then, it happened.

managingtheeveryday A mom with a 4-day old baby needed a wipe warmer. Did anyone have one?

Wait, I thought. We have one! Perfectly good condition and sitting unused on a shelf in Javi’s closet. 

The next day, Javi and I dropped it off at her house while we were out running errands. (Most people pick things up, but if you just had a baby I’m definitely going to deliver it to you!)

It felt great! Helping someone, making a friendly connection and getting rid of something I didn’t need?

This is so my thing.

ManagingtheEveryday From then on, I’ve been hooked.

We’ve given away things to so many different people that I’ve lost count.  We’ve also asked for and received things too: Streamers for Javi’s upcoming birthday party and an awesome wooden xylophone we gave him for Christmas. 

To A Loving Home

ManagingtheEveryday BNP has also been a great Goodwill-alternative.

I believe in only donating quality stuff (no junk! this is not the dump!) to Goodwill and other charity shops, but sometimes there are special-to-me items that I want to go to a loving home.

For example, this vintage mail sorter I received when my Great-Grandma died.

I loved it, but wasn’t using it (other than to collect coupons that I never used.) I posted it to the group and ended up having to do a drawing to decide who to give it to.

I know it is being treated with respect and appreciation, not piled up with other random items on a Goodwill shelf, hoping someone will find it. 

Find A Group!

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