We Did It! Our Whole30 Recap


The last 30 days or so have been busy, fast, amazing and incredibly transformative to say the least. 

Among other things, we completed our Whole30!

Not surprisingly, changing how we ate for 30 days was a big challenge and also had a big payoff:

  • More consistent energy 
  • Fewer headaches & joint pain
  • Mental clarity
  • No more uncomfortable bloated feeling or intestinal distress
  • Weight Loss

I put weight loss at the bottom because it wasn’t the main goal. But was it a goal? Um, hello. Yes. 

I lost 9.6lbs and now weigh a tiny bit less than I did before I got pregnant with Javi. Juan didn’t weigh himself before starting our Whole30, but between biking to work and the Whole30, he has lost 20lbs over the last several months. We both have to wear belts now.

ManagingTheEverydayA cupcake for Javi’s birthday! (Mamá & Papá couldn’t have any of it.)

Was It Difficult?

A friend asked me this yesterday and my answer was Yes & No.

ManagingTheEverydayBlack Coffee & Herbal Tea

YES It Was Hard…

  • To Eat Out. Date Nights just weren’t the same. One night we enjoyed delicious steaks at Jak’s (no butter), but the no-butter veggies were super bland and I missed being able to have a glass of wine and order dessert. Our favorite Date Night meal was the steak salad at Cactus (no dressing, no cheese, extra limes on the side) and guacamole with sliced veggies. 
  • To Plan Meals & Cook All the Time. Some nights I just wanted to be able to pick up a frozen pizza and call it dinner. Our quick go-to meal for those nights turned out to be frozen Grass-fed Beef Burgers from Trader Joe’s. 
  • To Keep the Kitchen Clean. The number of dishes we had to wash went up significantly. This is evidence of how much we ate out before. 

ManagingTheEverydayZoodles Bolognese and Apple Slices 

NO It Wasn’t Hard…

  • To Only Eat the Allowed Foods. There are a lot of things that we couldn’t have during our Whole30, but what we could have was full of flavor & super satisfying. And when our bodies were well-fueled, saying NO to sugar & processed stuff was a lot easier.
  • To Drink Coffee without Milk & Sugar. At home, we put Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream and ground cinnamon in our coffee. When we were out, we drank it black. Now that we have finished our Whole30, I like to put a little milk in my coffee when we are eating out but I no longer need the sugar.

What Now?

ManagingTheEverydayDate Night grocery shopping! Since we have to buy food all the time now…

We’ve decided to continue eating Whole30-style at home and to not worry about it too much when we are out. 

That said, we are also making different choices when we go out to eat. I’m not sure we will ever order French toast or waffles again since we’ve noticed how grain-heavy breakfasts just leave us feeling tired & sluggish for the rest of the day.

Thinking of Doing a Whole30?

  • Get Support. Having Juan 100% on board with Whole30 was key for me getting through it with no cheats or slip-ups. Find someone to do this with you to hold you accountable, cheer you on and commiserate about how much you miss chocolate cake.
  • Find a Few Good Recipes. There are many delicious Whole30-approved recipes out there, but we ended up eating the same things a lot. (Not unlike our pre-Whole30 selves.) Keep things simple. 
  • Read the BookJuan is an engineer, so not surprisingly he is totally into understanding how systems work. I, on the other hand, get too excited about starting new things to carefully read instructions. But we both think It Starts with Food is worth reading to understand the HOW & WHY behind Whole30.

 We honestly can’t recommend it enough…Do it! You will be glad you did.

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