Whole 30 (our adventures so far…)


We are on Day 5 of our Whole 30. To sum it up so far…

Day 1: We can do this! Yay! Optimism! We are awesome!

Day 2: Major brain-fog and headaches. But we can still do this. We ARE doing this.

Day 3: Feeling better. Slight headache. Realize we should be eating larger meals. Juan has started dreaming of food every night.

Day 4: Stop at the grocery store. Reading labels. Why is there sugar in EVERYTHING? (Seriously, it’s crazy. Definitely eye-opening.) Notice that we are feeling a lot more energized that we usually do on weekends. Probably due to switching out our heavy carb & sugar weekend breakfasts for protein & veggies. 

Day 5: Feeling really good. My skin is having a major freak-out, but I think this is normal.

Managing the Everyday
Breakfast: Thin sliced potatoes topped with sautéed spinach and a fried egg.

Overall, it’s been going well. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping ourselves away from things we can’t eat, which definitely helps. If you can’t see it, it’s not as tempting. (I will admit that I got a little jealous watching Javi happily enjoying his graham crackers and milk.)

ManagingtheeverydayBut he also likes our Whole 30 foods too. Veggie soup? Yes please!

Our first Date Night is coming up this week and that will be interesting. We are used to going out for dinner, grabbing coffee and dessert afterwards and basically orienting the whole evening around food.

Now that a lot of food options are off-limits, we need to switch it up. Right now we are thinking of going to a movie and maybe smuggling in some nuts & dried fruit.

But enough about what we can’t eat. Here’s what we can…

The Eats

My mum (Hi Mumsie) keeps reminding me of recipes I love that can easily be made Whole30 compliant. I’m going to work these in to this week’s menu. 

ManagingtheEverydayDinner: Grass-fed beef burgers and homemade sweet potato fries.

For starters, the best pot roast recipe I have ever tried (I’ll be using Trader Joe’s veggie broth instead of wine & beef broth) and delicious Tom Kha Gai soup (double check that your fish sauce doesn’t have sugar. We had to buy a different kind.)

I’ll also be making quick & easy Salmon en Papillote (no changes necessary!)

Zoodles!Dinner: Zoodles with Ground Turkey & Tomato Sauce

And our new favorite Zoodles! (Zucchini Noodles). Basically, julienne a zucchini into long noodle-ish strips. I like to use our Mandoline slicer, but there are also specific veggie noodle tools out there too.

Sautee in a little olive oil with salt & pepper. Serve as you would regular pasta noodles. Juan voted them “Delicious!” and I agree. So simple and so good. 

We can do this. We ARE doing this!

Any recipe recommendations?

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3 thoughts on “Whole 30 (our adventures so far…)

    • Thanks Tanya! When it comes time to start adding things back in I think I’ll need to make a trip to Bakery Nouveau. For research, of course. Science and stuff. ;)

  1. Oh, this is inspiring me! I’ve been wanting to do a Whole 30 forever… just keep feeling like I’m not organized with food/recipes yet, but I guess at some point one has to just declare a starting point and jump in. I am feeling foggy and tired and some of that is winter weather but I’m sure a lot of it is food. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m also making my way into the Konmari method too, btw – read the book over Christmas and it really changed the way I thought.

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